Double Dare UK - About John

John lead guitar and rhythm guitar

Love me, love my dog! John recently underwent a serious mid-life crisis, so he dusted off some guitars that had been lying around for far too long, and started jamming with local musos in Sussex. Rust Never Sleeps... well in this case hours, alcohol, and just being too loud did the trick and in early 2015 John joined Double Dare to complete the line up.
Decisions, decisions: It was either buy the wife a (secondhand) car, or commission the internationally renowned Luthier: Dave Walsh of Eternal Guitars (Chichester) to build a 'dream machine'. Nice!!
Aside from selective deafness and a very dodgy sense of humour, John loves to collect guitars, and is currently filling his car and the stage with: Custom Eternal Guitar / Fender Strat / Pacifica 611 (modded) / Blackstar and Vox Amps / Celestion loaded cabs / Boss and Zoom effects
... so now he needs a bigger car!